Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Sicily

On Best of Sicily we've published several articles about Christmas in Sicily (you can easily find them with a search from the home page). Few foreign visitors come to Sicily during this season, but in my view more should think about it. One of our contributors, who spends much of her time in England, recently wrote about coming to Sicily in Winter. In this regard, we're at odds with most of the "experts" who try to convince you that you should not come to Sicily from November to March. Ridiculous advice, in my opinion.

The late hours of Christmas Eve are almost mystical in Sicily's cities. Towards midnight the church bells ring - even at churches where midnight mass is not celebrated - and a few teenagers who can't wait for the 31st set off firecrackers. It's usually cool, but this year, while northern Italy is buried under snow, a scirocco is keeping Sicily overcast and windy but relatively warm, at least near the coasts.

The pic here is the Christmas tree in front of Politeama, Palermo's older opera house built around 1865.

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