Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dreaming of Sicily

It used to be that a visit to Sicily was part of the Grand Tour of Europe undertaken by such luminaries as Wagner and Goethe. Closer to our time, Sicily has become a destination in itself. It is also a point of reference - and an especially attractive destination - for millions of Sicilian descendants in the diaspora of Sicilians who for one reason or another left Sicily two or three generations ago. In such cases a visit to this magical place takes on the nature of a pilgrimage.

Betsy Vincent (di Vincenzo) Hoffman's memoir of her first visit to Sicily describes this kind of experience. Beautifully illustrated with the watercolours of the talented Kathleen Citrolo Gwinnett - another American descendant of Sicilians who has visited our island - this lively if not very lengthy volume is a delightful read. Though not intended as a guide book in itself, it is useful as a primer, especially for those who prefer to wade into the subject instead of jumping in unprepared.

Not every sentimental journey will be similar to this one, but Ms Hoffmann's account of hers may be sufficient to start others thinking about the same kind of trip.

Betsy's description of her grandparents' experiences is touching. Here the human element is never absent. This kind of book reminds us that it is the people who make the place.

Dreaming of Sicily - A Travel Memoir can be ordered at CreateSpace.Com/3334027


Cara Walgren said...

I read your review of Dreaming of Sicily and purchased the book based on your recommendation. I'm so glad I did. It reminded me of my grandmother's stories of when she was a young girl growing up in Sicily.

My sister and I often 'dream of sicily' and have talked many times of visiting our grandmother's hometown of Agrigento.

After reading this book, I'm sure that our dream will come true.

Robbie said...


Hi, this is your cousin Robbie. I got the email about your book and finally was able to purchase it thru

What a great book! I loved it (especially the family references, I can hear Grandma saying - you learna me english!)

I love this - what a wonderful keepsake of your first trip back to "our old country!"


Robbie Robb Spaziani