Friday, December 25, 2009

Planeta La Segreta White 2008

Some wines are simply good. Unpretentious, simple and delicious with just about anything. Planeta's La Segreta is such a wine. One of the appealing things about this entry into the fray is its Sicilianicity. La Segreta is made from a local variety, Grecanico, at least for around 50% of its grapes. This is followed by Chardonnay (30%) with the remaining 20% divided equally between Voignier and Fiano.

Few Italian whites are meant to be kept hidden away in a cellar for very long, but Planeta is leading the charge to change this longstanding tradition. That said, this is a medium-bodied, slightly fruity offering which should be enjoyed now. It's not too dry and not too overpowering.

At around (US) $15 per bottle at retail, it may break with tradition but it won't break the bank.

(Visit Best of Sicily for more about Sicilian food and wine.)

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Anonymous said...

I haven't tried this wine and it probably isn't even available where I live but Corvo's Glicine 2008 is also a very good white. Planeta gets a great deal of press but it's not the only game in town.