Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sicilian Olive Oil

At our year-end editorial meeting yesterday afternoon, we agreed to try to arrange a tasting and selection of the best Sicilian olive oil in 2010, probably later in the year. The last olive oil tasing was in 2008. Unfortunately, such events generate envy and even bitter resentment in some quarters - especially from those who sell oils that are not selected or even considered for tasting. In order to avoid being accused of "defamation" we refrained from explaining to one angry American retailer of "Sicilian" olive oil that many of the olives pressed to make a brand of "Sicilian" oil he sells are not even raised here in Sicily! The point is that in any competition there can be only one winner, though we do list the second and third place selections. In the interest of diplomacy, we do not mention the eight or nine oils tasted but not selected. In fact, it is Best of Sicily's policy not to publish negative reviews of products and services - hotels, restaurants, wines. We only mention those that we ourselves would pay for.

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