Monday, December 28, 2009

Stay in a Castle!

If you like history, especially of the medieval variety, here's an idea. When you come to Sicily (I say when because you really must see this unique place), think about staying in a castle or medieval monastery. That's not as eccentric an idea as it may seem. It's actually possible to plan your entire trip with accommodation in these historic places. In Palermo, where you should spend at least two days to see all the sights, including of course Monreale, the best choice is Palazzo Conte Federico. Here you can stay either in the Baroque palace or, better yet, in the medieval tower.

The tower's atmosphere, as you can imagine, is decidedly medieval. It was built in the 12th and 13th centuries upon the city's Phoenician wall. Staying here you are literally surrounded by 25 centuries of history!

This bed and breakfast is located in the historical center near the BallarĂ² street market and yes, as the name implies, it is still the home of a count and countess. The counts Federico owe their name, and probably their ancestry, to Emperor Federick II, whose coat of arms embellishes an upper part of the tower. The tower was not actually a castle but a guard tower.

The rooms and suites are comfortable and the setting offers a taste of the true medieval spirit of an eclectic city. Visit the Palazzo Conte Federico site to reserve.

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