Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Air Fares Until the 28th!

Let's talk... A recent article mentioned some good reasons to come to Sicily before April. In other words, during the Winter. One of the points made was that flights and hotels cost less during the "low" season than during Spring and Summer. Here's some good news if you're still thinking about it. Until January 28th Alitalia is offering fares as low as $665 round-trip to Italy from the United States, allowing you to fly through March 18th at an exceptionally low price. Check out their US site for details.

And there are equally tempting offers if you're coming from Australia, Canada or Japan.

This is perfect for independent travel but here's another good reason: Although the Best of Sicily tours are "scheduled" beginning in mid-March, most of these itineraries can be arranged on request for a small group - even 3 or 4 participants - throughout February or in early March.

Think about it but decide soon!

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