Monday, November 29, 2010

Archbishop Romeo named cardinal

On November 20th the archbishop of Palermo, Paolo Romeo, was named a cardinal. Not an unexceptional nomination, perhaps, as the archbishop of this city is usually made a cardinal sooner or later.

Later, in this case. It seems that the archbishop's subtle differences with certain ideas emanating from the Vatican delayed his nomination by at least a year. On the other hand, with the Pope's recent visit to Palermo it was clear that the "elevation" couldn't be forestalled forever.

The archbishop is not only the bishop of the largest Italian city south of Naples. He is, by tradition Primate of Sicily as well. This title dates to the 12th century Norman rule of the island. Today, like the title Patriarch of Venice, it is largely symbolic because Sicily is no longer a sovereign nation (primates of places like Ireland have a more defined role in the hierarchy), but he does have ceremonial precedence over other Sicilian bishops.

Congratulations to His Eminence.

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