Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sicilian Ricotta

For such a simple food, ricotta (Italian cottage cheese) seems to be suffering something of an identity crisis these days, and people are beginning to use the wrong kind of milk to make it. It's an important ingredient in certain Sicilian pastries, so this milk product (it's not actually a cheese) deserves at least a little attention now and then. Here in Sicily the "real thing" is made from the milk of local sheep. Don't accept substitutes. Roberta Gangi, our resident culinary expert, has finally written about Sicilian ricotta.


Anonymous said...

We in America have lost the true taste of ricotta. It used to be in a perferated can which drained the so called sour water off. Now it's a sealed container, thus leaving that water mixed-in.
We would watch the making of the ricotta. The ricotta skimmed-off at this stage was soo good.

Silvana said...

Another reason I want to move to Sicily!