Sunday, March 27, 2011

The War Next Door (Part 5)

Italy's foreign minister is pushing for a greater role in the Libyan "situation." As we reported in our last post on this subject, the Italians don't want to see the Brits and French - not to mention the Americans - getting all the oil as the rebels take control of the eastern regions where all that black gold is located.

That's understandable, even from the leaders of a pretty European country perpetually at war with itself (Italians are fighting over Garibaldi and whether to commemorate 150 years of unification). After all, Libyan refugees are arriving in Sicily by the thousand, and NATO is using its air force facilities at Sigonella, near Catania, to enforce the no-fly zone. Clearly, Italy is involved.

Rest assured, while the average Italian knows nothing about Italy's colonial adventures in Libya, the Libyan rebels just might have a basic knowledge of their own history. They've been flying the flag of King Idris, who led his country from 1951 until 1969, when Geddafi took over while the king was abroad. (More precisely, the Colonel overthrew the king's nephew, the crown prince, arresting every member of the royal family he could find.)

Is this flag a sign of the future? That's anyone's guess. But, with a little help from NATO, the "rebels" are making their way westward.

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