Thursday, April 7, 2011

The War Next Door (Part 7)

Refugees arriving in Italy.Libya's civil war continues. The main army of "rebels" demanding free elections has suffered a few setbacks in their advance westward, but a handful of government ministers have fled the country or resigned.

Refugees continue to arrive in southern Italy by boat. Last night a boat capsized en route to Lampedusa, leaving at least a hundred refugees dead. But where are they coming from? Many are actually Tunisians claiming to be Libyans. Since our last post on this topic, the prime minister has transferred six thousand temporarily housed in Lampedusa to other locations in Italy. The Tunisians (?) don't want to stay in temporary camps, and around two thousand "escaped" the one at Manduria near Taranto. Italy's prime minister was in Tunisia yesterday (Monday) to address the question of illegal immigrants with that government's leaders, and an agreement was reached for Italy to assist Tunisia financially.

Apart from this, the situation here in Sicily is as "normal" as ever. The high tourism season has begun and Spring has arrived. Trapani (Birgi) airport, which handles some passenger flights (including many Ryanair arrivals), is almost back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

What is amazing is how little this has affected life in Sicily. I visited last week and nobody even thinks about it!