Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Refugees at Lampedusa

Boatloads of Libyan (or Tunisian) refugees arrived off the coast of Lampedusa last night, a total of 347 persons. About 900 have arrived from Libya over the last week. There's no telling when the Libyan civil war will end. This week the Russians offered to mediate with the nation's "official" leadership in search of a peaceful exit strategy following much bloodshed.

The Lampedusans are worried that the current state of affairs could destroy their summer tourism season. They have good reason to be concerned. In practice, however, the situation - serious though it is - need not complicate a holiday in Lampedusa or even Malta.

As we've mentioned elsewhere, the war has had little direct effect on life - or vacations - here in Sicily. Bizarre perhaps, but true.

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