Friday, July 22, 2011

Tours of Sicily in 2012

Our commercial people are reminding me - as they do two or three times throughout the year - about the tours of Sicily offered by our partners next year. They all include Taormina (shown here). "Low season" begins in November and the tours cost less from then through March than they do beginning in April during (as you probably guessed) the "high season."

For years we've talked about visiting Sicily during the cooler months. Not that it's ever too cold in Sicily. The weather in Sicily is usually bearable, if not absolutely delightful, even during the coldest season. Most travel firms schedule their tours only during the high season. Best of Sicily's tours are available almost every week of the year, and for some tours the 2012 low-season price is the same as the price in 2010 . Of course, it's not too late to consider a tour this year.

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