Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Crusades and Sicily

Debated even today, the Crusades were the ultimate expression of medieval adventure. Legend and literature may have idealized this kind of thing in some ways, but there's no doubt that the Crusades left their mark on history - even if scholars can't quite agree about what that mark is. Despite what some people think, the campaigns themselves did little to alter the course of European history generally. There's little to suggest that life in Europe would have developed much differently had the Crusades never taken place.

They were really little more than a violent side show, but they did touch Sicily in the person of such colorful characters as Richard Lionheart, Frederick II and Saint Louis. Read about them in our article on the Crusades and Sicily in the November Magazine now online.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best of Sicily Site on Tuesday, October 18th

Best of Sicily is down for maintenance for a few hours. It happens.

In fact, our server has only been down for about five hours in the last five years. It's amazingly reliable.

Thank you for your patience.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Save on Sicily Tours in 2012!

We occasionally make announcements of a commercial nature on this blog, the point being that Best of Sicily is a commercial site that receives no money whatsoever from any public source and isn't part of a media conglomerate. It's independent but - like most newspapers and publishing houses - commercial. The site is free, but (clearly indicated) advertising pays the bills. So here's the news...

Until November 15th there's a discount on certain of our tours of Sicily for 2012. If you search the web for tours of comparable quality (and with relatively small groups) you'll find that nobody beats these prices. We hope to see you in Sicily next year!