Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Crusades and Sicily

Debated even today, the Crusades were the ultimate expression of medieval adventure. Legend and literature may have idealized this kind of thing in some ways, but there's no doubt that the Crusades left their mark on history - even if scholars can't quite agree about what that mark is. Despite what some people think, the campaigns themselves did little to alter the course of European history generally. There's little to suggest that life in Europe would have developed much differently had the Crusades never taken place.

They were really little more than a violent side show, but they did touch Sicily in the person of such colorful characters as Richard Lionheart, Frederick II and Saint Louis. Read about them in our article on the Crusades and Sicily in the November Magazine now online.


Mary Lampe said...

I read about Sicily and the Crusades with great interest.

I have a question that pertains to that time period. I am writing a medieval murder mystery trilogy set in Palermo in 1281 and 1282 called The Vespers Series.

I used the link offered here in the best of sicily for permission to possibly use some of your lovely photos, but my email was bounced back. Who should I contact to get permission?

I have a Ph.D. in medieval history and my dissertation is based on Adam de Citella's notarial records, and those of his son, Barhtolomeus, that I researched in the Archivio di Stato. My husband and I spent six months living in Palermo and we loved every minute of it.

I would be very happy to talk to you (or anyone!) regarding life in medieval Palermo, or Palermo today.

Hoping to return -


Dr. Mary Lampe

Vincenzo Salerno said...

You need Luigi Mendola, the history editor, at