Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beat the Heat (and crowds) - Sicily in Winter

The new year begins with a particularly "travel-oriented" issue of our online magazine.

Stefania Lanza's article lists great reasons for visiting Sicily during the cooler months of the "low season." Saving money is one reason, but austerity is back in style - even here in Italy.

Finally there's the long-awaited article on cooking classes in Sicily. This provides information on cooking lessons around Sicily in various settings. Bizarre as it may seem, very few online publishers have ever attempted such a list. The author, Roberta Gangi (herself a good cook), thinks that's because there's usually "self-interest" involved in promoting one cooking program over another. For transparency, we should mention that two of the cooks listed in her article do, in fact, advertise their cooking courses on Best of Sicily, but we have no connection whatsoever to the others.

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