Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter (and other things)

Here in Italy the Easter holiday continues through Monday, when banks, schools and most stores are closed. This marks the beginning of a kind of "holiday season."

The next holiday is Liberation Day, on April 25th. While this is supposedly Italy's principal national holiday, for most people it's just a day off from work - and the Allied forces who actually defeated Fascism (50,000 died doing so) are usually overlooked as the few partisans are commemorated. Well, as we said, nobody takes the celebrations too seriously.

Next is May Day on May 1st, actually the socialist Labour Day. On this day there isn't even public bus service! Everything is closed.

June 2nd is Republic Day, commemorating the day in 1946 that a popular referendum held under Allied auspices (as Italy was ocupied) ousted the monarchy. It was the first time Italian women could vote. On this day the beaches will be crowded.

Shown here is Palermo's Magione basilica erected late in the 12th century.

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