Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Elections: Bread and Circuses

The election results are in, and among Sicily's major races the most interesting was in Palerrmo (Catania had no mayoral election this year), where Leoluca Orlando made an astounding comeback against a field of, well (let's just say), less-qualified candidates. Endorsed only by the Communists, Greens and his own Italia dei Valori, Orlando clearly owes nothing to any of the major parties.

As he didn't get the 50% plus 1 vote required for election - he received 49% with the closest contender (also on the Centre-Left) getting 17% - there'll be a two-way run-off ballot next week.

Most people didn't vote based on philosophy, politics or even special interests so much as pragmatism. They simply want cleaner streets and better public services (like public transport).

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