Friday, August 24, 2012


A good word for two things - the heat and the state of the Sicilian economy.

With any luck, the torrid temperatures will subside in another week or two.

Sicily's economic situation is another matter. Apart from huge shortfalls and gaping deficit holes in the regional (island-wide), provincial and local budgets, it's getting difficult for the public sector to pay salaries.

Granted that many of these ridiculous "make work" jobs probably shouldn't exist in the first place (Sicily has more forest rangers than British Columbia and obviously just a fraction of its forests), the moment of truth is coming...

Will this impact your visit to Sicily? No. Amazing as it seems, the effects of this crisis are all but invisible.

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Thomas Leffers said...

We have just returned from a week in Sicily, and we were surprised (and very dissapointed) by the amount of litter - perhaps all those forrest rangers should be assigned to making Sicily a beautiful island.