Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crowned Heads of Sicily

In the That's Nice department, a Sicilian girl, 19 year-old Giusy Buscemi from Menfi, was crowned Miss Italia on Monday evening. Her name, incidentally, is pronounced like "Juicy." Congratulations, Giusy!

Moving on to more historical crowns, our article on the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies discusses the kings who ruled almost half of Italy from 1734 until 1860, with a glance toward the prosperity of the places they ruled - including Sicily. Even outside Italy, this topic is more important than it may seem because the end of the kingdom spelled the beginning of the "Sicilian Diaspora," the mass emigration of Sicilians and other Italians over several decades.

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Maria said...

In the process of researching my ancestry I came across "The Best of Sicily Magazine" site and found it extremely compelling and educational and I wanted to say thank you to you and the many contributors to the magazine. For someone like myself who lives very far away in America on an island located within the City of New York called Staten Island, it is refreshing to read about the country of my grand parents and great grand parents and it explains many things I wondered about. I have intentions of visiting Sicily sometime next year in the Spring specifically to visit the town of my forefathers San Mauro Castelverde with the hope of locating written information about them. I will continue to visit "The Best of Sicily" Blog and Magazine and have suggested to all my family members joining me in the ongoing search for our family history to also visit the Magazine's site as well.