Monday, September 10, 2012

Grape Harvest 2012

This year's harvest has produced about 10% more grapes than last year, so there'll be plenty of Sicilian wine this year. What sometimes happens is that a rain storm or other fickle weather conditions in early September ruin part of the crop. This Summer was as sunny as ever, and hotter than usual, with little wind. It's still hot, but the nights are cooler than a month ago.

Though grapes were grown here in Greek times, Sicily's oeniculture was expanded further by the British around 1800 during the Bourbon period, when Marsala wine augmented the supply of Port and Sherry. Today most of the wines are estate-bottled varietals.

A bizarre problem this year is that grape thieves are stealing from some vineyards. These thieves are at least wine lovers!

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