Friday, October 19, 2012

House of Bourbon Two Sicilies Redux

We're not monarchists, but on our pages you'll find plenty of information dealing with kings and queens. After all, Sicily was a kingdom until the nineteenth century, and then part of the corrupt, ill-fated Kingdom of Italy until 1946.

So we've put some links together on a Two Sicilies page dedicated to the kingdom and dynasty that was here until 1860, before the Savoys took over.

Incidentally, our editorial "position," for what it's worth, is that the Italian Republic is generally a good thing, and while today's Bourbons (that's Carlo and his Italian wife, Camilla, in the pic) engage in some worthy cultural and charitable projects and their work should be recognized, we really don't want to bring back a monarchy, and neither do most Italians. Nor do we believe that titles of nobility or any hereditary privilege should be recognized officially by the Italian state. That kind of thing never functioned very well here in Italy, and democracy is a good thing.

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