Saturday, October 13, 2012

November Magazine

It's been an unseasonably warm October but we're looking forward to slightly cooler weather and maybe even some elusive rain, so the November issue of our magazine is already online. Articles include:

New Books: Risorgimento, Unification, Regionalism. Has Italy ever really been a united nation, or is it still a land of very individualistic, disunited regions? Get some factual answers in these excellent, authoritative histories by David Gilmour, Christopher Duggan, Denis Mack Smith and Pino Aprile. These authors are the real deal.

Roasted Sicilian Chestnuts. From October through March, this is one of Sicily's most popular street foods, and has been consumed on our island for thousands of years. It's also a reminder that Autumn has finally arrived. By the way, the world's oldest chestnut tree is here in Sicily. It's at least two thousand years old.

Introduction to Family History Research. Sicily has the world's best genealogical source records, permitting many - perhaps most - Sicilian families to trace a line back to circa 1500. Find out what kind of documentation exists and where to find it. Discover your Sicilian legacy.

On a travel note, please see our notice about Catania Airport's special schedules beginning November 5th when they start a major construction project. You'll have to check-in earlier than usual.

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