Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sicilian Literature and Literary Parks

Recently, as we were updating our Sicilian literature page, the tricky topic of literary parks in Sicily came up. This led to an eye-opening "round table" discussion among four members of our staff in the courtyard of our favorite coffee bar off Palermo's historic via Alloro - the point being that we would like to publish a list of sites dedicated to (or associated with) famous Sicilian writers.

In practice, activities like the Tomasi di Lampedusa ("Leopard") tours mentioned in our last post are usually a good choice if planned well, while most of Sicily's literary parks and the related museums are, quite frankly, mediocre - though the ones near Agrigento dedicated to Sciascia and Pirandello are quite good.

There's no reason to explore in depth why certain literary parks are rarely very worth visiting. Often, it's a lack of resources (original manuscripts, etc.) or experience (the directors don't know how to operate a museum or tourist attraction). What's important is that Sicilian literature itself is exceptional, and that many of the places described by the authors can be visited.

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