Monday, October 29, 2012

Sicilians Elect New Governor

Rosario Crocetta is the new President of the Sicilian Region, effectively the "governor" of Sicily. A chemist by profession, he speaks several languages (including English) and in 2003 became Italy's first openly-gay mayor (of Gela near Agrigento).

He has been a European MP and taken a strong stand against the Mafia, living under full-time police protection for years. Crocetta, 61, ran with the center-left Democrats, but the elections for the Sicilian Regional Assembly (Sicily's parliament) saw a number of deputies from new parties win seats, including the anti-corruption 5-Star party.

Mr Crocetta is not like his opponents in any way, and wants to better develop Sicilian tourism by, for example, opening major museums during evenings and improving the administration of various historic and archeological sites.

Nothing will be easy in the current economic climate, but in this case change may be good.

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