Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas in Sicily 2012

The Christmas season is upon us and there's even a light dusting of snow on the Madonie and Nebrodi Mountains - and of course on Mount Etna. The Christmas Holidays are a great time to visit Sicily. The temperatures are quite comfortable and because it's "low season" for tourism there are hardly any lines at the more interesting historical and archeological sites and museums.

That's just one article in our online magazine about Sicily for December.

Another looks at the subject of Sicily's status as a semi-independent political region of Italy.

As regards public administration, a recent development relevant to visitors was the announcement yesterday by the Sicilian Region's new President that historical and archaeological sites will now be managed directly by the government. For a decade, most have been administered by "outsourced" companies set up by the friends of politicians. Several "managers" of these firms are under investigation or on trial for embezzlement or misappropriation of funds - in one case almost 20 million euros are missing. President Crocetta hopes to bring greater accountability to the public sector and perhaps hire a few thousand unemployed Sicilians to operate the various sites and museums.

Best of Sicily has advocated this for many years and we applaud Mr Crocetta's initiative.

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