Friday, December 21, 2012

Control of Sicily's Historic Sites

The Sicilian regional government has now taken back control of the historical and archaeological sites in its jurisdiction following a decade of incompetent administration by outsourced firms founded by the friends of politicians - several of whom are under criminal investigation - who misappropriated some 51 million euros.

Novamusa cannot account for 41 million euros it collected, while the Fondazione Federico II owes nearly 2 million euros to the city of Monreale from entry fees collected in the abbey's cloister. The kingpins running these firms have been arrested and charged, while the employees are gradually being replaced.

What this new accountability means to you is that various sites, such as Segesta (its temple is shown here), will be better managed in the future and it will be easier to address problems that arise.

Best of Sicily applauds the efforts of Sicily's new governor, Rosario Crocetta, in confronting this situation and others.

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