Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crocetta's Crusade Continues

Even on a slow day, Sicilian politics are at least entertaining.

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, opposition polticians are leaving their parties for the "Megaphone" movement founded recently by newly-elected Sicilian governor Rosario Crocetta. Seems they finally got the message that change is in the air. It's a little like the Fascists who quickly burned their party membership cards when the Allies arrived in 1943.

In just two months, Crocetta has addressed issues important to visitors by ordering mass reassignments of managers and bureaucrats in the tourism-related agencies, especially Beni Culturali, and taking control of certain services that had been farmed out to the corrupt friends of equally corrupt politicians.

The wholesale theft of the last decade is astounding. In the agency responsible for vocational training programmes some 20 million euros are missing.

In the works are plans to keep historical and archaeological sites open longer beginning this Spring, so you can visit Segesta and Agrigento  after dark.

Your editors applaud the efforts of Rosario Crocetta and his team. We believe that these changes will be good for visitors and for the tourism industry in general.

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