Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Satellites and Rebels

The Italian national government has agreed with the Sicilian regional one that construction of the American MUOS installation should be stopped pending further study, and issued an order to that effect. (We discussed this in a January post.)

This question should be studied further but - speaking more generally - Italy is moving into a political phase that will not improve the economy or the country's international position over the next few years. The point of the MUOS debate is that a responsible NATO nation should consider its decisions before it signs an international agreement, and it should be consistent from year to year.

With the rebels of the 5-Star Movement seated in the national parliament, we can look forward to a crippling impasse at every legislative step. Debate is good, but if Italy leaves NATO or the euro (as some in the 5-Star Movement propose), her status as - at least until now - one of the world's ten most important countries will dissolve overnight, destroying any chance for that much-desired permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

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