Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Peoples of Sicily

It's finally been released, soon to be available from Amazon and (in the United States) Barnes & Noble.

The Peoples of Sicily - A Multicultural Legacy is the first "general" history of Sicily written in the original in English by historians based in Sicily. Covering the period from antiquity to around 1500, its focus is the multicultural society of Sicily during the Norman-Swabian period, from circa 1060 to around 1266.

Unlike many histories, this one has a very real, very "current" message, in fact several. This makes it appealing even to readers who normally wouldn't read 300+ pages of medieval history.

But the history alone is fascinating. The book also contains a detailed chronology (timeline) and practical tips on places to visit, including those not listed in most guide books. (Read more >>>)

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