Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter's Marzipan

Like torrone, almond marzipan is one of those delightful treats you find in Sicily only in the winter. Right now.

Well, almost only in the winter. Maybe until Easter, or sometime in May.

That's because it melts in the summer heat. Yes, it's shaped and colored to resemble real fruit. Read about it in our Sicilian marzipan article.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sea Urchins!

Our last post suggested that Winter is a perfect time to visit Sicily. One of the seasonal foods, which makes its annual appearance in January, is the humble but delicious sea urchin. Finding restaurants that serve it - usually with pasta - can be tricky. We might suggest Palermo's Cin Cin, though you should check in advance to see if the tasty creature is on the menu for the day you reserve. Restaurants in Taormina, Trapani and Siracusa offering seafood menus may also serve urchin, which has become something of a rarity.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

See Sicily this year!

Regular readers may know that we're great proponents of visiting Sicily during the "low" season before April. The weather is not oppressively hot and the historical sites and sights, like Segesta (shown) are not crowded.

Best of Sicily offers a number of tours of Sicily throughout the year, and various personalized travel services - more than any other company.

This year, we are sponsoring publication of a few books dedicated to Sicily. Peoples of Sicily is a very special tour linked to one of these books. Our partnership with several firms (Trinacria Editions and Sicily Concierge among them) distinguishes us and it's a great advantage for you. This is our 15th year of publication as Sicily's leading destination guide.

Welcome to our world!