Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Women of Sicily by Jacqueline Alio

It's the first book on the women of Sicilian history written in English in the original by a Sicilian author based in Sicily. And written well.

Historian Jackie Alio's Women of Sicily presents profiles of seventeen medieval women, including several virtually ignored in the annals of history. Also featured is a brief but useful history of Sicily and a detailed chronology (timeline), along with a chapter on the status of Sicilian women in Italy today.

Though rarely presented in English for an international readership, the information on gender equality is really only a detail to place the role of Sicilian women in perspective. Indeed, a sobering implication here is that Italian women may have enjoyed greater gender equality in the 12th century than in the 20th.

Jacqueline Alio previously authored The Peoples of Sicily: A Multicultural Legacy. She is one of the few Sicilian historians known internationally.

Published by Trinacria Editions (New York), ISBN 9780991588602

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Karen said...

Great to find your blog! I don't know what took me so long :-). Thanks for the interesting book recommendation.