Saturday, July 5, 2014


Sicilians love to talk about money. This week, the head of a national political party visiting the European Parliament decried the wasted funds sent to Sicily, which end up in the hands of corrupt politicians, outside "consultants," or even the Mafia. He said that the European Union should stop sending "development" money to Sicily.

He's right!

Here's a recent example. A few days ago, treasury officers (the Guardia di Finanza) sequestered the assets - bank accounts, buildings, computers and expensive automobiles - of an "entrepreneur" who had started up a telecommunications services company with millions in public money. Accusations range from fraud to misappropriation of funds to tax evasion to labor law violations (many employees were hired "off the books" and paid for only some of the hours they worked).

The point is that this kind of person never should have been considered for public financing. There wasn't even due diligence to investigate his academic credentials.

And he is just one of many.

Let's cut off the public money being sent to Sicily's charlatans!

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