Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saint Lucy: Back Home after 1000 Years

Today, December 13th, we celebrate the feast of Saint Lucy. While in different parts of Sicily people commemorate their beloved and renown Sicilian saint with arancini (stuffed rice balls), cuccìa (boiled wheat berries), gateau di patate (local cottage pie), and panelle (chickpea fritters), instead, the city of Siracusa, Lucy's hometown, is getting ready for a historical event. After almost a thousand years (since 1039) Lucy's relics will return from their long exile in Venice!

Early tomorrow morning Santa Lucia's relics will be escorted by the State Police from the Church of Saint Geremia and Lucia to Venice Airport. Then she will fly over to Catania Airport and from there the police will escort her mortal remains to Siracusa. However, she will only stay in her hometown for a couple of weeks. On December 22nd, she will be flying back to Venice.  

Viva Santa Lucia! Sarausana jé! These will be the words with which the citizens of Siracusa will be welcoming her back home, albeit only for a few days...

Yes, "long live Saint Lucy; she is Siracusan!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hottest November Ever

Sicily just experienced the hottest November since records have been kept (two hundred years ago) and October was one of the hottest on record as well. The lack of substantial rain since May has decimated the olive crop and sent the price of oil soaring. It may be another week or two before daily highs dip much below 70F (21C), and most days last month saw temperatures over 72 - a scirocco over the last weekend jolted temps up to 84 degrees. The average daily high temperature for November in a "normal" year is 66 (19).

Monday, December 1, 2014

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