Friday, March 6, 2015

Women of Sicily: Saints, Queens & Rebels now on sale

The sale date of Jacqueline Alio's Women of Sicily has been moved up to Monday, March 23rd, a week ahead of the scheduled release date. This means that if you order it via Amazon or other online sellers it may be shipped to you on that date - perhaps a bit later in Britain and Australia than in Canada and the United States.

The ebook should be available by the end of this month and will cost slightly less than the paper version.

Incredible as it may seem, nothing like this series of historical biographies has ever been published in English, and very little has even been written in Italian.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jacqueline Alio on Canadian Radio

Jackie Alio, whose book Women of Sicily is on sale online and in book shops, recently participated in a radio programme broadcast by the CBC featuring other guests such as professors Karla Mallette in the United States and David Abulafia in Britain.

Here is a link to the programme Ideas with Paul Kennedy about Sicily's multicultural society in the days of Frederick II: The Wonder of the World, Frederick II.

Jackie, of course, has a beautiful voice. More importantly, she knows what she's talking about.